Frequently Asked Questions

Using Kick News

How do kicks work?
If you are signed in then you can kick a story up or down to increase or decrease its popularity rating. Stories are also kicked using our unique algorithm which is based on their popularity with all users of the site. If a story receives enough kick downs, it will be removed from the site. The more everyone kicks good stories up and junk stories down, the better the content on the site gets for everyone else.

Yeah, but what are kicks?
Kicks are an arbitrary unit indicative of a stories popularity ;)

News Sources

Can I submit my news source/blog to Kick News?
Yes, please see our Publishers section.

How long does it take for my stories to be featured on Kick News?
Reviewing your site can take up to a week, but we try to do it as soon as possible. Once accepted, your stories should start appearing in our news listings within about 15 minutes of us approving your site.


What are the benefits of membership?
Joining this website is free. Users need to create an account to post comments, save stories, 'Kick' stories up and down, submit news sources for consideration, save other users as friends and block news sources from appearing in the main story list. You also need to create an account to get Goal Alerts in our mobile apps.

Can I use my login from the iPhone app or other Kick News sites?
Yes. Creating an account with us, creates an account on the Kick News network, so you can login via any of our iPhone apps and all of our websites, including