The Kick News Publishers Network

The Kick News network of websites and mobile apps have a worldwide audience of dedicated football fans. To submit your website/blog for FREE inclusion in our index it must comply with the following points:

Your Feed

We require all sites to have a dedicated RSS or ATOM feed for their news headlines. Each URL and headline in the feed must be distinct and the URLs contained in your feed must all point to your site. It doesn't matter if you have adverts as we will filter these out, but we are much more likely to accept sites that don't contain adverts in their RSS/ATOM feeds.


Your content must also:

  • Be original. We will check your content for plagiarism, so please don't bother submitting sites that have large amounts of copied content. If you infringe the copyright of others, your site will be banned. Permanently.
  • Use a reasonable standard of grammar and spelling. We understand that many bloggers speak English as a second language, but if your site doesn't use a good standard of English then we're afraid we won't be able to accept it. If you're not confident in your spelling and grammar, then perhaps write your articles in Microsoft Word or similar first, so that you can use the spelling and grammar checkers.
  • Avoid using excessive bad language. We are avid football fans and know that some times a few well placed expletives can help to get your point across, but over use lessens the impact and can be very offensive to some people. Remember people of all ages will be reading your posts.
  • Not try to game our systems by any means, including using keywords in your titles that might get your content onto sites to which it is not relevant.
  • Use relevant headlines that are not simply designed to grab as many users as possible by being misleading or overly sensational. We also do not accept sites that post articles as just a headline. You must have a well written article that cites sources where necessary to go with the headline.

Website Design/Advertising

All websites must be of reasonable design, with clear, easily readable text. There also must not be adverts blocking content and websites that have adverts with auto-playing sounds or flashing adverts are unlikely to be accepted.

We also won't accept websites that use interstitial advertising. We regularly review the websites we syndicate and may remove any sites that add interstitial advertising.

Any adult adverts or content on your site could also risk a permanent ban.


Blogs must have been running for at least 4 months, with at least 2 original articles posted per month, so we can get a good idea of your content. Blogs must also carry one of our 'Featured On' buttons

Sites can be submitted from the Submit A Site section of the Members Area. Part of the process is verifying you are the owner of the submitted site and putting our badge on your homepage. After it's submitted you can also check it's review progress. Once your site has been accepted, you can see when your news was last processed and check the popularity of your posts/stories.

Video Highlights And Goals

Due to copyright issues, we do not syndicate websites that show video highlights, whether the videos be hosted on YouTube or elsewhere.

If your submission is declined

Firstly, please do not be offended. We receive many website submissions and the fact is we simply can't carry them all. We try to focus on quality content to keep the quality of our network high. Where possible we try to say why a site was rejected and if we can, we'll make some suggestions as to how you might improve your site so you might try and submit it again in the future.